We had a fun week.

We learned misleading buzz words to help the lobbyists defeat any meaningful bank reform—always good times.

The January SIGTARP report came out with nauseating statistics.  Check out those permanent modification numbers—so much to be proud of.  Can you just hear the soft whoosh of moving vans transporting children from their homes?

I have a question for Arizona foreclosure/eviction mills.  What part of Rule 4 personal service do you not understand?  Posting crap on somebody’s garage or stoop does not satisfy due process.  Lying about it in affidavits is also not kosher.

And why do we have the same procedure for landlord/tenant evictions as for non-judicial foreclosure sale evictions?  Because losing your largest asset (even if it had “lost” all of its falsely appraised value)  and all of your life savings is exactly the same as breaking a lease? So long as nobody abuses the procedure, I guess people are protected…wait.


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