Northeastern University Law Journal Covers Advocacy in Mortgage Crisis Fallout

  The entire spring 2010 issue is about legal advocacy in the mortgage crisis: Northeastern University Law Journal

The Northeastern University Law Journal
On March 20, 2009, the Northeastern University Law Journal hosted a symposium titled Shelter from the Storm: Advocacy in the Subprime Fallout. The February 2010 publication features papers authored by the Symposium speakers and others. For inquiries about print copies, please contact our publications staff.

Vol. 2, No. 1 – February 2010

Northeastern University Law Journal Vol. 2, No.1 [PDF]Editors’ Introduction

Regaining the Wonderful Life of Homeownership Post-Foreclosure
Meg Rehrauer

Caveat Venditor: Predatory Purchasing in the
Post-Boom Residential Real Estate Market
Brian Parkinson

A Judicial Response to the Subprime Lending Crisis
Robert A. Kubica

Of Victims, Villains and Fairy Godmothers:
Regnant Tales of Predatory Lending
Carolyn Grose

Causes of the Subprime Foreclosure Crisis and the
Availability of Class Action Responses
Gary Klein & Shennan Kavanagh

Policy and Litigation Barriers to Fighting Predatory Lending
Deborah Goldstein & Matthew Brinegar

Defending Foreclosure Actions by Bringing in Third Parties
Michelle Weinberg


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