Recent Arizona Bankruptcy Decisions: Oh Snap!

Judge Hollowell, an Arizona federal bankruptcy judge,  she of In re Weisband fame,  shows her chops and refuses to let the banks skate by with the usual pile of refuse that they call “evidence”:


Yet again, the court is called upon to decide whether the purported holder of a note allegedly transferred into a securitized mortgage pool has standing to obtain relieffrom the automatic stay. Yet again, the movant has failed to demonstrate that it has standing. To make matters worse, the movant filed its motion without evidentiary support of its claim, attempted to create such evidentiary support after the fact, and only disclosed its “real” evidence on the day of the final evidentiary hearing. The relief will be denied.

The full decision is here.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS, THAT’S NOT ALL! On August 6, 2010, she laid into Saxon Mortgage and the fine folks at Tiffany & Bosco, ordering them to show cause why sanctions should not be imposed on them.  That decision is here.

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