Cloudy Days Ahead

Clouded title is epidemic to this, er, epidemic. It’s not as though we have not been warning the servicers, judges, and title insurers.  On Credit Slips: Wrongful Foreclosures and Clouded Title posted by Adam Levitin I think there’s a much bigger problem lurking in the shadows behind the GMAC/JPMChase foreclosures freezes due to concerns about faulty foreclosures: […]

Paperwork Errors My As*!

I feel compelled to discuss a few things here.  Normally I do not editorialize too much but I’m breaking my rule.  Three things: Lies about who you are, who you represent, that entity’s interest, lack of personal knowledge, whether a note has already been satisfied, and trumping up fake assignments of a deed of trust […]

Pants on Fire

This snippet from the NY Times article resonated: “Margery Golant, a Boca Raton, Fla., foreclosure defense lawyer, said GMAC “has cracked open the door.” “Judges used to look at us strangely when we tried to tell them all these major financial institutions are lying,” said Ms. Golant, a former associate general counsel for the lender […]


Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-8) has requested that the Florida Supreme Court halt all foreclosures involving three firms under investigation for document fraud. In a letter to Chief Justice Charles Canady, dated September 20, 2010, Congressman Grayson highlights the issue of illegal foreclosures. In the letter, Congressman Grayson wrote, “Taking someone’s home should not be done […]