Round Up: Foreclosure Fraud

Well, this week was nuts, right?  Finally, this story broke to the masses, even though the banks are trying spin control by calling the massive title problems and fraud “procedural” and “paperwork errors.”  

Attorneys general in Florida, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina and Connecticut have started their own investigations into GMAC. In addition, Florida investigators have issued subpoenas to three law firms after homeowners facing eviction said the firms pursued foreclosures without following proper procedure.

WaPo Connecticut Halts ALL Foreclosures For ALL Banks

Foreclosure Errors Blight Titles

OCC Orders Seven Major Lenders to Review Foreclosures

Old Republic Suspends Title Policies for Properties Foreclosed by GMAC

NY Times Says Moody’s Reviewing GMAC and Chase for Downgrades

Rep. Alan Grayson Records Video on the Fraud Factories

OneWest Robo-Signer Spends Not More Than 30 Seconds on Each Foreclosure Document

NY Times Reports JPMorgan Suspending Foreclosures

JP Morgan Chase Freezes 56,000 Foreclosures

GMAC/Ally’s Mortgage Problems Extend Beyond 23 States

Title Companies Suspend  Insuring Title for Many Foreclosures

Faked Documents and Forged Signatures Rampant Reports WaPo


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