Cordray Does Not Think Victim “Had it Coming”

It’s nice to see that Ohio Attorney General Cordray doesn’t buy into the same “she was dressed suggestively so she had it coming”  mentality as some judges, who are quick to be concerned about a borrower in claimed but unsubstantiated default, and even quicker to forgive all kinds of fraud by any entity calling itself a bank and claiming a right to the property.  In other words, a homeowner who has lived in the house and paid for the house would be “stealing a home” or “getting a free house” by protecting it from interlopers and trying to talk to the real creditor.  A bank can “steal a home” with impunity.

David Dayen at Firedoglake reports on Cordray’s suit against GMAC/Ally

What’s more, Cordray sent letters seeking meetings with the other four top lenders in the state – – to discuss their use of robo-signers and how they plan to remedy the practice. He certainly sounded like someone ready to include them in future lawsuits…..
Cordray said he was in contact with other Attorneys General across the nation about this matter, and that there is “deep concern” nationally about these practices.

Corday also rebutted the “two wrongs make a right” or deadbeat borrower argument:

When challenged by one reporter about the fact that the borrowers were in fact delinquent and that merits some action on the part of the lender, Cordray struck back. “What each side merits is that proper legal processes be carefully followed… If we would file a case with an affidavit we know to be false, that is seen as a very serious matter by the court. I don’t see why this should be taken any more lightly.”


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