Clouded Titles

A storm is brewing, according to investigative journalist, paralegal and author of “Clouded Titles,” Dave Krieger. 

Dave explains the looming title crisis in an articulate, easy to understand way.    Check out Krieger’s web site and book, Clouded Titles, here.

“The challenges to slanders and clouds on titles are only the beginning and title companies are starting to get nervous. The people who think they are getting a great deal on buying foreclosures may find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for when the evicted families find out that the bank that foreclosed on them used fraudulent paperwork and their titles were clouded and now these investors are going to have to spend money quieting their titles, not to mention being caught in a legal crossfire between the foreclosed homeowner and the lender that sold them the foreclosed home. The author predicted in 2007 that this would start happening after the foreclosure meltdown. The frauds are now starting to come to light with the whistleblower activity surrounding Florida attorney David J. Stern. Florida AG Bill McCollum is getting closer to hitting the mark in demonstrating that the banks haven’t been totally honest with the judges there.”


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