April Charney Weighs In

The full interview is on O.Max Gardner’s web site here.

April Charney: There is a contract that Fannie and Freddie applies to all its home loans, a customer service, of sorts, that you pay for in your mortgage. It is hundreds of pages online and it’s called the “single-family loan servicing guideline.” There’s a section just for default loan servicing — for servicing loans when the homeowner is in default — and it lays out requirements of the servicers. Any servicer of a Fannie- or Freddie-backed loan, when a borrower goes into default, the servicer has to give the borrower this very special customer service to try to avoid the foreclosure.

It never happens. The servicers just push the loans into foreclosure. They’re missing that entire legal step. We have a complete and utter failure of default loan servicing — a contractually required step in the process that’s there to help homeowners in default. It is preexisting, far preexisting this crisis. And it’s in every contract, and every servicing agreement. The servicer is supposed to be bound to those best practices.

So I’m sick of hearing — they’re in default! They’re not paying their mortgage! They’re delinquent! The servicers have whole books of rules about what they’re supposed to do to aid the homeowner in that case. And they haven’t done any of it.

TWI: Are these guidelines, or are they actually obligated to do it?

AC: No, it’s a breach of contract. And it’s also in the pooling and servicing agreements [for mortgages that have been sold to investors, rather than being held by the mortgage-originating bank].


One thought on “April Charney Weighs In

  1. April – thank you for the information. I went on to efanniemae.com and straight to the servicing guide. The section is over 300 pages but the meat (I think) is from page 27 to 70 (or page 702-5 through 704-19)
    I hope everyone gets to read this. April – you are so right and your help is greatly appreciated.


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