Go See “Inside Job” Documentary

Tell other people to see it too.  I saw it this weekend and the theater was packed, however, there is only one artie/independent theater showing it.  It’s a great overview of the entire crisis and it features a series of interviews of all kinds of economists, politicians, and financial industry players.  I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know, but I’ve been focusing on this for awhile.  My mother would learn something from it.  So would my friends or neighbors.  So go see it and encourage others to see it if you like it.

From a review by Jay Antani found here:

If you weren’t outraged enough by the shenanigans on Wall Street that led to our present financial crisis, Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job” makes sure to twist the knife already in our backs. The documentary is a dizzying succession of interviews with some of the world’s leading financial experts as well as a dissection of how the inherently corrupt nexus between our financial and regulatory systems led to the global cataclysms touched off in 2008. Righteously indignant in tone and chock full of incisive history and information, those qualities are also what make “Inside Job” an experience in overkill.

“Ferguson deftly recaps what is already a well-established fact: That, for decades, Wall Street honchos have had Washington in their back pockets the same way that mafia dons have their local police and judiciary under their thumbs. But rather than use this opportunity to suggest concrete solutions to our financial rot, he devotes “Inside Job” to interviews in which lamenters confirm our fears and defenders maintain their remorselessness as Ferguson berates the latter with hostile rebuttals. That antagonism, incidentally, isn’t really enlightening or constructive. Yet there’s a guilty pleasure in watching these amoral captains of industry caught in the act of defending a system that duped millions of homeowners via predatory lending schemes and defrauded millions more of savings wiped out in the derivatives market.”


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