Arizona Judge Remands Foreclosure Under Abstention Doctrines

Excellent news for Arizonans battling foreclosure!  We have continuously argued against removal based solely on diversity because the state law issues in these foreclosure cases are predominant, and it is important for the state to have a cohesive scheme regarding its real property laws, and novel issues of state law interplay.  And we’ve seen what kind […]

Tavakoli to the FHFA: Wake Up!

Structured finance expert Janet Tavakoli made another powerful presentation regarding the ongoing fraud perpetrated by virtually every segment of the financial industry/captured government “regulators.”  This was made to attendees of  the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Supervision Summit.  One slide says Banks (not borrowers) Broke the Law Foreclosure Fraud (phony affidavits, i.e. perjury) is a crime. Delinquency […]