ARIZONANS–Support Transparency in Foreclosure!!! It Benefits Us All–SB 1259

I have helped to draft a bill SB1259 (Arizona Senate) that is going to committee on Tuesday, the 8th.  It was sponsored by Arizona Senator Michele Reagan (see below) All Arizona homeowners should be interested in these changes to the Arizona foreclosure statute.  It would require the recording of a certification regarding the complete chain of title prior to any non-judicial foreclosure not conducted by an originating lender, or the sale would be voidable.  Attorney’s fees would be awarded if a homeowner had to sue to enforce this.  THE BANKS HAVE ALREADY TRIED TO KILL IT BUT DID NOT SUCCEED THANKS TO MICHELE. 

Email the committee members (except for Michele)to support this bill.   You can find their email addresses at Look for the Senate Committees for Banking and Insurance. The hearing is Tuesday.  The best day to email the committee members is Sunday night or Monday morning so they see it before committee.  Michele says that the legislators really do read their personal emails.

Let’s all help to get this bill passed.  Stress to your Senator that there is no reason that any Arizonan should oppose greater transparency and clear title in Arizona.   Real property rights and clarity of title are at the basis of the governing precepts of this country and every state in it, and have been since our founding.   This bill benefits homeowners, investors, and honest bankers alike. 

This does not place onerous requirements on anyone.  Every foreclosing entity should have ready access to this information or they have no business foreclosing.   

REFERENCE TITLE: foreclosures; proof of ownership
 First Regular Session  2011 
SB 1259
Introduced by

Senators Reagan, McComish: Biggs


amending title 33, chapter 6.1, article 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 33-807.02; relating to deeds of trust.


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1.  Title 33, chapter 6.1, article 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 33-807.02, to read:

START_STATUTE33-807.02.  Nonoriginator foreclosures; evidence of title; remedy; attorney fees

A.  For any beneficiary who is not the originating beneficiary on the deed of trust, the beneficiary shall record a summary document regarding the beneficiary’s legal interest in the deed of trust that contains the following information in chronological order:

1.  The full name and address of record of every prior beneficiary on the deed of trust.

2.  The date, recordation number or other unique designation of the instrument, and a description of the instrument that conveyed the interest of Each beneficiary.

B.  The summary document prescribed by this section shall be recorded at the same time and place that the notice of trustee’s sale is recorded pursuant to section 33-808 and a copy of the summary document shall be attached to any notice of trustee’s sale that is required to be provided as prescribed in section 33-809. 

C.  Failure to properly record the summary document that demonstrates evidence of title for the FORECLOSING beneficiary as of the date of the trustee’s sale as prescribed by this section results in a voidable sale.

D.  Any person with an interest in the trust property may file an action to void the trustee’s sale for failure to comply with this section and is entitled to an award of attorney fees as well as damages as otherwise provided by law if the person substantially prevails, including an award of attorney fees for any injunction or other provisional remedies related to the claim.END_STATUTE



3 thoughts on “ARIZONANS–Support Transparency in Foreclosure!!! It Benefits Us All–SB 1259

  1. Arizona may be taking the lead on getting a bill before the Legislature… Bravo! Our group, the Independent Resolution Society, is growing. We are about to launch our Foreclosure Cancellation Packages, which will include instructions, templates, and other documents. People will need your help.

    This is the first part of our plan to use the cancellation process to cancel credit card, small business, vehicle and other loans as well as student loans.

    Currently I have a case against Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. in the Superior Court of Maricopa County. The Judge ridiculed me in the Oral Argument and granted all the motions to Capital One and its attorneys, based on Ariz. Rules of Civil Procedure, without addressing the case at all, i.e., “Show me evidence in the form of a certified original copy of a counter-signed document between Capital One and CAROL ADLER.”

    I’ve also filed a Consumer Complaint with the Attorny General of Arizona, who sent it to the Comptroller of the Currency, which is what we had hoped would happen.

    I’m glad the Arizona movement is growing… Our goal is to protect our consumers against the banks and courts, and show them how to take back their rights.

    Bravo to your team!

    Carol Adler, President/CEO
    Dandelion Books, LLC


  2. It’s probably too late, but the bill should also address those situations where the name on the foreclosure filing is the same as the originator, but the loan had actually been sold and the originator turns around and becomes the Servicer.

    Very hard to spot to the untrained eye and virtually all judges.


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