Arizona SB 1259

I am informed that while this bill will be heard in committee in the Senate on Tuesday, special interests are busy trying to kill/maim a like version in the House.  So, if you support honesty in foreclosure, and deterrence of fraud, contact your state representative too.  The representatives and their contact information are listed at the link.  If you do not know who your representative is, there is a search mechanism to find out.


3 thoughts on “Arizona SB 1259

  1. Beth if everything went though the House without resistance when would SB 1259 become law? Some kind of time line I guess is what I am asking.


  2. I had to sue Bank of America to stop them from selling a house, on which I had made the payments, but on which they had lost track of the money. I had asked repeatedly for some proof that MERS, which is the BA affiliate that does virtual note transfers, provide a copy of the original note as well as cpies of all the escrow papers. The original note maker has recently passed, and I am the Trustee of his Trust.


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