MERS Hires Lobbyists and Lawyers to Kill Arizona SB 1259

The bill passed through the Senate Republican caucus yesterday.  MERS has reportedly retained Tri-Advocates, via Squire Sanders law firm (thought they used Quarles Brady law firm in Arizona?)  to kill our bill, SB 1259, on Monday.  Why are they so afraid of truth telling?  A foreclosing party should be legally authorized.  It should be easy to come up with a summary of transfers that must have already occurred at foreclosure, for the conveyances of real property interests in the deeds of trust to be legal.  I’m glad that we’ve had an opportunity to create new jobs for lobbyists in Arizona but SB 1259 should pass.  It’s a no brainer for Arizona citizens who oppose the theft of houses, and support transparency.

The bill should get a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday by the full Senate.


12 thoughts on “MERS Hires Lobbyists and Lawyers to Kill Arizona SB 1259

  1. California and the rest of the States, let’s learn from Arizona and Florida where the fight is on. If we don’t organize and participate, the banksters and the MERS mafia will continue fraudclosing your homes without ever have to prove to the judge they have the real ownership of the instrument, the original note. It is about time now. This is going on for over a decade now and we the people are not going to take it anymore.
    My fellow Americans, please for once and for all, take a look at your loan documents.
    If you see a bar code at the bottom of your note or Deed of Trust and a MIN number at the right hand corner, you have MERS. This simply means you don’t know who is the holder of your Note. You might be sending your mortgage payment to a servicer who does not have the debt, the note, the transfer of the note, or even the assignment of the note. What will you do if after paying your mortgage, the servicer can not give you the conveyance of the title? This means you throw away your money for all the time you paid the mortgage. Are you going to wait until you find out the hard way, or are you going to go the county records and find out who has the custody of your title, find out the chain of title. How many times your note had been sold to many private investors without your knowledge and you don’t know who owns your mortgage. If you don’t do this now, you will be setting yourself up for a big surprise. If you keep trusting the banks, the government, and the media, might as well go to sleep and I will wake you up when the whole thing is over.
    Good luck and God Bless You! but best of all, God Bless America and all of us.


  2. Yes it should be easy to get summary of transfers..unless..there weren’t any and need to be “re-created” and backdated which is fraudulent.A fraud to coverup a fraud….


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