Misc.–LPS Whistleblower, FBI as Goldman’s Lapdog, Let’s Try Enforcing the Laws We Have for Starters

 LPS Whistleblower Details How the Massive Service Provider Jacks Up the Math on “Defaulted” Mortgages So, a Lender Processing Services whistle blower submitted a sworn statement in the NJ investigation, detailing how some of the math “mistakes” are made.  From Taibbi’s Mailbag: Answering a question about new regulation and policy: The main thing that matters to […]

Dylan Ratigan Interviews Stephen Lerner

 http://www.dylanratigan.com/2011/03/25/is-this-man-a-terrorist-exclusive-interview-with-steven-lerner/ Here’s Lerner on the Tea Party’s defense of the big banks: You know I can’t explain it. Why Glen Beck and this group of people are basically shilling for Wall St. and the big banks it just makes no sense. So I can’t get into their head on why they’re doing it, what it […]

Arizona v BoA Belongs in State Court

From a story by Catherine Reagor in the Arizona Republic, also reported in the Phoenix Business Journal: The Arizona attorney general’s lawsuit against Bank of America over alleged mortgage fraud will remain in state court. The lender had asked the case, filed in late December, be moved to federal court. State Attorney General Tom Horne, […]

SB 1259

Don’t be mad; let’s do something. There might be a resurrection of this bill, which requires nothing but simple honesty regarding the authority of a foreclosing party.  More details later…

Uninsurable Title Cannot Be Ignored Much Longer Without Devastating Consequences for the Housing Market and Rule of Law

This author, Abigail Field, a lawyer and columnist for the Daily Finance, really captures the issues succintly and well  Read her piece on clouded title caused primarily by Wall Street, the TBTF banks and their lawyers,  securitization, the mortgage crisis, improper foreclosures in unprecented numbers, and failure of the regulators and government.  She explains how no settlement […]

No Trust, No Economy. No Prosecutions, No Trust. Capisce?

These excerpts are from Washington’s Blog, full piece here on “Trust is Necessary for a Stable Economy But Trust Won’t Be Restored Until We Prosecute Wall Street Fraud: Most policy makers still don’t understand the urgent need to restore trust in our financial system, or the need to prosecute Wall Street executives for fraud and other […]

Send a Bill to the Banks

You can run your own individualized bill here:  http://www.makewallstreetpay.org Dylan Ratigan interviewed the leader of Make Wall Street Pay here. Interview with Leader of Antibank Protesters: MakeWallStreetPay.org http://www.dylanratigan.com/2011/03/10/george-goehl-on-radio-free-dylan/ Here’s a section of my bill: Tax avoidance by six big banks, 2001-201050 states $10.00Bil or $32.57 per person Federal $38.90Bil or $126.71 per person Tax Revenue […]