March 29 Call Your Attorney General

For years, homeowners have been engaged in a lopsided fight with the nation’s largest banks to save their homes. The big banks have bullied and bribed their way towards ensuring that they don’t have to help homeowners, even if it means breaking the law. At every step along the way, the very people and institutions that are supposed to protect homeowners have instead given in to the big banks. Millions have lost their homes needlessly.

The state Attorneys General could change all of this. They can step up and do what nobody else has had the guts to do – stand firmly on the side of homeowners and go toe-to-toe with the big bankers.

We have begun to make this change, but we need to keep the momentum going.

Help us spread the word about March 29.

Tell your friends and family to join us as we enter the final stage of this struggle. Like the new Crime Shouldn’t Pay Facebook page and spread the word about March 29, get the latest news on the settlement process, share your stories and opinions, and much more.

The Attorneys General need to pick a side – the millions of homeowners they’ve sworn to protect or the big banks that have bankrupted our communities and country. Let’s help them make the right decision


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