Utah AG Says All Recontrust BoA Foreclosures in Utah ILLEGAL

Story on Zero Hedge and Bloomberg:

AG Mark Shurtleff advised Brian Moynhian that the bank’s foreclosures in Utah are illegal. “A Bank of America Corp. unit conducting home foreclosures in Utah is violating the law, the attorney general said in a letter as individual states advanced their investigations of mortgage servicing. “All real estate foreclosures conducted by ReconTrust in the state of Utah are not in compliance with Utah’s statutes, and are hence illegal,” Shurtleff wrote.”


2 thoughts on “Utah AG Says All Recontrust BoA Foreclosures in Utah ILLEGAL

  1. Well we have been scammed by Bank of America. it is t much to write downwe need to meet with someone. we have had 2 modifications and all they did was raise our payment 200 dollars, then we was making our trile periods making each payment on time. well my husband went to try and get credit and boa said our credit report was bad from boa, which made me furious. we went to the open house done here in oden last weekend, i ask them where are my payments going? well they put the payment somewhere other than the house payment, therefore causing 3 months of mortgage payments to show upbad on our loan. This has caused alot of stress on me, i have MS and this has emotional ruined me. I donot understand why they can not modify our loan by dropping the interest a little just long enough to get back on our feet, This has affected my children in a bad why, If they do not get thins figured out, we will Hire an Attorney. Any time we call BOA for question, allwe get is trading calls at least 4 or 5 times before we get someone, and then, they d0nt know how to anser us and has to get back to us.


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