Arizona Supreme Court Hears Certified Questions Today

Today’s the big hearing.  The Court is going to live stream it;  here’s the link.   I’ll be there in person;  I feel like we should “live blog” it like the Emmy’s or something.  We won’t be doing that–no laptops, phones, purses, etc. allowed in— but you can watch it yourself at the link.

Here’s a reminder about this case from our August 5th post:

Arizona Supreme Court Certified Questions in Vasquez

We’ve already reported about how the Arizona Supreme Court has set a hearing for the various arguments around the certified questions that it has accepted from the Honorable Eileen Hollowell.  As you can see from the docket sheet, ASC_CV_CV110091 , the hearing is in September.  Ron Warnicke and I prepared one of the amicus curiae briefs on a narrow issue, to supplement some of the other amici.  Beverly Parker has done an excellent job briefing the main case.  There are also excellent briefs from the National Consumer Law Center and the National Bankruptcy Attorney Consumer Division, and from Koeller Nebeker, for the Plaintiffs in the ongoing MDL litigation surrounding MERS, as currently pending before the Honorable James Teilborg.

I attach copies of the briefs of Vasquez, and of the various amici.

Amicus Brief-final Stauffer and Buchna

Amicus Brief SW Fair Housing, NACBA, NCLC

Amicus Brief lodged 7 22 11 MDP

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