Occupy Wall Street Phoenix

Occupy Wall Street is coming to Phoenix, beginning at noon October 15th in Cesar Chavez Plaza downtown, by the state courthouses.


3 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Phoenix

  1. I have created a facebook page for those of us that have been fighting for years to say our homes through modifications that didn’t happen.

    From occupy wall street to occupy fannie mae in phoenix. My sincere wish is that the judicial system will one day recognize the wrongful foreclosure that have been committed and reward those of us that have lost our fortunes to the corporation of malfeascence.

    I have retained Donald Loeb as my attorney after a recommendation from your husband Beth and it’s been two years now of litigation. Here is my fb site to occupy fannie mae.


    Please share and remember to bring pertinent written critiques of your distaste of the current situation.

    Thank you,
    Tim Ray


    1. After I wrote this I thought to myself that the word reward was not the right word. Compensated for our troubles and suffering under years of stress to clarify a modification only to be wrongfully foreclosed upon.



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