Be a DOER with Martin Andelman

We could all do more.  We really could. Attorney Tom Cox knows it: Guest Post on Action Steps Martin Andelman shows it: Join his army of Doers.  Spend Two Minutes to Help a Disabled War Veteran Being Put Through the BoA Rigors As Martin notes, we need to get better organized.  And these action steps, […]

Calling All Notaries: Save Yourselves!

Woman in Loan Fraud Scheme Granted Bail Posted: Dec 14, 2011 12:01 PM PST Updated: Dec 14, 2011 12:01 PM PST By Nathan Baca, Investigative Reporter                           LAS VEGAS — One of two accused home loan robo-signers faced a judge for the first […]

Arizonans: Call to Action

If this article is true, it’s time to contact Representative Jack Harper, people.  Not only have they failed to help homeowners in any meaningful way, they’re going to make it easier for the banks to loot: Planned Arizona bill lets banks go after ‘underwater’ homeowners who bail Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Saturday, December 10, […]

Citizens United Must Go

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill to overturn Citizens United via Constitutional Amendment.  This is the Supreme Court decision (5-4) overturning precedent to hold that corporations are citizens, and giving these corporations free reign to shower our politicians with undisclosed money calling it “free speech.”  Many major cities have adopted resolutions declaring that […]

IRS Looking Into REMICS?

This Reuters article appeared in April of this year.  I’d like to see an update on the IRS’s review: As of the end of 2010, investments in REMICs totaled more than $3 trillion, according to data supplied by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. In a brief statement in response to questions from Reuters, […]

Analysis of Arizona Non-Judicial Foreclosure and Title

I have excerpted the Arizona section of this article, without footnotes,  but the whole article is found here, and it is a good read.  It needs to be updated to reflect the recent In re Vasquez decision, in which the Arizona Supreme Court stated that an assignment need not be recorded prior to noticing a […]