Be a DOER with Martin Andelman

We could all do more.  We really could.

Attorney Tom Cox knows it:

Guest Post on Action Steps

Martin Andelman shows it:

Join his army of Doers.  Spend Two Minutes to Help a Disabled War Veteran Being Put Through the BoA Rigors

As Martin notes, we need to get better organized.  And these action steps, if everybody does them, can have a great impact.

It makes me think of an old joke that we used to have, based on a Jon Stewart Daily Show skit, where after 9/11, people would put an American flag sticker on their SUV, and he would say, “It’s the least you can do.  No seriously, the very least.”  So Marc and I would always say that when we saw people putting for the absolute minimal effort on something.  But in some cases, like here, minimal effort times a hundred thousand people can make a real impact.

As we’ve always known, in this homeowner/middle class/foreclosure fight, our greatest strength is strength in numbers.  They might have more money, more politicians in their pockets, more judicial allegiance (for some reason), but we have the masses.


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