Egregious Manifestation

Good article in HuffPo called Foreclosures From Old Mortgages ‘Most Egregious Manifestation’ of Broken Housing Market.  An excerpt below: More and more, homeowners say that mortgages they thought  were dead and buried are springing back to life, sometimes  haunting them all the way into foreclosure. “It’s the most egregious manifestation of an industry that’s  seriously […]

Foreclosure Review on NY Times Blog

Foreclosures (NY Times) When the housing boom began to cool in 2006, a chain of events was set in motion that was a disaster for millions of homeowners whose property has been seized by lenders, and for the lenders themselves. Millions of Americans have received foreclosure notices and tens of billions in real-estate assets have […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court –Fresh Off Press

This new Oklahoma Supreme Court decision (Jan. 17, 2011) should be provided as supplemental authority to our Arizona Supreme Court, hearing oral argument on Tuesday on whether the note should matter at all in a foreclosure action (in Arizona, non-judicial, in Oklahoma, judicial, but of course in Hogan, the plaintiff brought the dispute over the non-judicial foreclosure into a […]

First You Have to Understand the Problem….

Attorney Thomas Cox has written a memorandum raising pertinent point about the efficacy of touting a federal foreclosure standard without first under standing the problem, including the causes and ramifications of the foreclosure machine right now.  78835024-Thomas-A-Cox-Memo-for-ULC-Study-Committee.  One interesting nugget that resonated: (4) Judicial Errors A perhaps small,but nevertheless disturbingly substantial, number of judges continue to believe that the nation’s financial institutions will not lie to or deceive them, or that their lawyers will not try to cheat the judicial system and that all foreclosure defense lawyers are being obstructive in insisting upon competent and adequate proof of the right to foreclose. Manyof these judges disparagingly accuse foreclosure defense lawyers of seeking a “free house” for their clients and conclude that when a homeowner is indebted on a mortgage loan, judgment should be entered for any plaintiff asserting the right to enforce it without regard to normal standards of evidence and proof. Thus, the decisions of these judges will often conflict with the […]

Occupy Boulder: Ass Kicking in the Winter Wonderland

I was in Boulder for Christmas and in the midst of doing some last minute shopping, a nice-looking older woman handed me these flyers on Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase.  Occupy Boulder Occupy Boulder I wonder if it’s the same people behind the Occuppella choir that Martin Andelman posted: These were some dedicated […]

Fed Targets Mortgage Servicers

Fed targets mortgage servicers, says must fix ‘deceptive’ practices via Wall Street Journal By ERIC MORATH WASHINGTON—Federal Reserve Gov. Sarah Bloom Raskin called upon mortgage servicers to fix their “sloppy and deceptive practices,” part of the Fed’s push for more forceful government action to fix the broken housing market. It is important “that the severe misconduct that […]