First You Have to Understand the Problem….

Attorney Thomas Cox has written a memorandum raising pertinent point about the efficacy of touting a federal foreclosure standard without first under standing the problem, including the causes and ramifications of the foreclosure machine right now.  78835024-Thomas-A-Cox-Memo-for-ULC-Study-Committee.  One interesting nugget that resonated:

(4) Judicial Errors

A perhaps small,but nevertheless disturbingly substantial,

number of judges continue to believe that the nation’s financial institutions

will not lie to or deceive them, or that their lawyers will not try to cheat the

judicial system and that all foreclosure defense lawyers are being obstructive

in insisting upon competent and adequate proof of the right to foreclose.

Manyof these judges disparagingly accuse foreclosure defense lawyers of

seeking a “free house” for their clients and conclude that when a homeowner

is indebted on a mortgage loan, judgment should be entered for any plaintiff

asserting the right to enforce it without regard to normal standards of evidence

and proof. Thus, the decisions of these judges will often conflict with the

decisions of those judges who truly review and honestly decide each case

on its merits and who are willing to recognize when parties enforcing mortgages

present false, misleading or insufficient evidence. This disparity in judicial

attitude in judicial foreclosures accounts for much of the inconsistency in

evidentiary rulings complained of by FHFA.


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