Mortgage Relief Bill Needs Your Participation

This information from Foreclosure Strategists:



AZ SB 1451, the Mortgage Finance Reform Act, would allow AZ homeowners to refinance at or near current market value.  It will lower monthly payments by at least 33%. It doesn’t cost the state a nickel.
SB1451 it passed the Senate Banking Committee 6 (ayes) – 0 (nays) – 0 (not voting).


But, now… at the last minute, Sen. Shooter is threatening to hold it in his committee, preventing it from going to the full senate, where it can be debated and voted on… like in a democracy.

For a bill to be heard at a committee it must be CALENDARED on the committee meeting agenda sufficient time before the committee meeting.  At this point SB1451 is not on the Appropriations Committee Agenda.  SB1451 absolutely needs to be added to the Appropriations Committee Meeting Agenda!


Tell Senator Shooter not to bury SB1451 in HIS COMMITTEE.  Tell Chairman Shooter to calendar SB1451 for the appropriations committee meeting on February 21, 2012.  (The meeting is at 2pm in SHR (senate hearing room) 109)

Here is Senator Shooter’s contact info:
Phone: 602-926-4139


SB1451 has no budgetary impact on the state therefore the Appropriations Committee should just move it along.

SB1451 is so important it deserves to be fully debated in the Senate and the House!

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