Securitization Fail

Abigail Field on Securitization Fail, and its role in spawning the robo-signing that everyone is so concerned about, even though the more interesting question is why, and who directed this?  Why forge documents and fake transfers?   Here’s an excerpt, but go read Abigail’s full article at the link above. Perhaps the most critical insight […]

Nice Work, NY AG Schneiderman

Attorney General of the State of New York, Eric Schneiderman is the one to watch, along with AG Masto of Nevada.  Now these two have the cojones that others are sorely lacking.  From the man himself:  A.G. SCHNEIDERMAN ANNOUNCES MAJOR LAWSUIT AGAINST NATION’S LARGEST BANKS FOR DECEPTIVE & FRAUDULENT USE OF ELECTRONIC MORTGAGE REGISTRY Complaint […]

Eaton Massachusetts Supreme Court

We have posted about the Eaton case currently pending before the Massachusetts Supreme Court, the same court that decided Ibanez.  Massachusetts attorney Rich Vetstein has posted an article, and links to all of the amici briefs pending in that showdown. Click here for the particular brief: Real Estate Bar Ass’n (REBA) Brief      REBA Letter re. […]