Blueprint for Accountability

On March 27th, 2012, Culture Project will stage and live-stream an ambitious program called Blueprint for Accountability: The Wall Street Washington Connection, hosted by The Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown University, confronting the economic crisis in the United States and provoking fresh dialogue about the role of financial and corporate powers […]

MBIA Discovers Countrywide Fraud Database: Stonewallers Part 2 Read this snippet from a Reuters Law post, and then click above to read the whole thing: Feb. 15 MBIA letter MBIA tells judge of newly uncovered Countrywide fraud database I sure hope the Securities and Exchange Commission and other members of the new joint mortgage-backed securities task force are paying attention to the […]

Stonewallers Extraordinaire

Wells Fargo even stonewalls the SEC;  it’s not just you, lowly citizens. U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 22305 / March 23, 2012 Securities and Exchange Commission v. Wells Fargo & Company, Civil Action No. CV-1280087 CRB Misc. (N.D. Cal. March 23, 2012) SEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Action Against Wells Fargo for Failure […]

Jesse Eisinger: ProPublica

Didn’t they know this, or couldn’t they figure it out in 2008?  You know, before countless Americans were kicked out, abused, and families ruined?  I’ll believe it when I see it, because in Arizona at least, Freddie and Fannie still hide behind the “servicers” who do all of the dirty work, without even disclosing the […]

Cora Currier, ProPublica, Four Whistleblowers

Four Whistleblowers Who Sounded the Alarm on Banks’ Mortgage Shenanigans by Cora Currier ProPublica, March 15, 2012, 4:46 p.m. Buried in the sweeping mortgage settlement with banks, for which final documents were filed this week, are five whistleblower cases that shed light on the litany of foreclosure abuses by the banks. According to one suit, […]