500 Letters From Arizona Homeowners Affected By Foreclosure

Darrell Blomberg of Foreclosure Strategists has a worthwhile project to bring the human face to the foreclosures that are killing our state (and country) and you can help, simply by writing a letter.  See below for Darrell’s instructions, and project:

My commitment to “works” – 500 letters!

So, we need more impact?  I’m on it.  My commitment is to get 500 letters from Arizonans who have been impacted by foreclosures.

My goal is to create a publicly available database of these 500 letters and use the letters to convey the impact foreclosures are having on the psyche of the state ofArizona.  I will be providing access to these letters to the legislators, courts, government administrators, media, etc.

Of course, I’m only one person so I need your help.  Please ask people who have personally gone through or know of someone who has gone through the foreclosure process in Arizonato write letters about their experience.  Here are some ideas to include in those letters.
loss of employment
health issue
strategic defaulter
property devaluation
deferred property maintenance and repair
neighborhood blight
emotional impact on your family
did your children get disrupted by switching schools
where did you move to
what has been the impact on your credit score
is this the first time you credit has been dinged
foreclosure documentation
mailed, recorded, posted and advertised documents
proper parties
legally compliant notarizations
proper method of delivery
foreclosure while working on
a loan modification
a short sale
a deed-in-lieu
loan modification efforts
which program you were trying to qualify for
did you make trial period payments
did you get foreclosed while making those payments
was your credit report dinged while you were making those payments
how many individuals did you talk to at the servicer
how many times documents had to be resubmitted
truthfulness of what the servicer told you
short sale efforts
how many times documents had to be resubmitted
did you get foreclosed while working on a short sale
did the settlement terms change at the last minute
truthfulness of what the servicer told you
deed-in-lieu efforts
were you contacted by individuals you felt were predatory
how did you handle them
were you swindled out of money
properties sold at auction
did you attend the auction
was there a credit bid
who ended up on the deed after the sale
eviction process
were there any surprises
were people cordial to you
court experience
do you feel you received justice
comments about the experience
comments about the judge
comments about the opposition’s attorney
did you have representation
Advice to others
Comments on
government programs
available assistance
over-all experience
Any other things you’d like to share

* Please include the name of the homeowner, the address of the real property and the date of the foreclosure in your letter.


There is already a public record of your foreclosure logged in the county record.  The public records tell a story but that story is missing a key element.  The missing element is your emotional impact!  It is my intent to use these letters to effectuate a change in the attitude and climate of Arizona foreclosures.  For maximum effect I request that you include your name and current address on these letters.  Only your personal story told in your own words will add the impact necessary to mitigate Arizona’s foreclosure challenges.

By writing and sending your personal letter you agree to have your letter made public in any format available.



Please send you letters to:
Darrell Blomberg
912 E. Cambridge Av.,

I will scan your letters to pdf and make them publicly available.



4 thoughts on “500 Letters From Arizona Homeowners Affected By Foreclosure

  1. Good morning, Thank you for the work on this site. I am trying to find out what information you have on Quality Loan Service Corp, so call Assistant VP Andryea Lopez, she signed Trustee’s Deed upon Sale and Sharina L. Guzman a Notary Public of San Diego County on 10/06/2010 notarize Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale on our property in Murphys Ca. Has she or Sharina L. Guzman been involved or charged with Robo signing, forging documents, filing false foreclosure documents. And if so can you direct me to the source of this information. Thank you. Jerry M. Lewis


      1. Rebecca,
        I think Darrell Blomberg is still taking this information but Arizona homeowners need to speak out. At least initially, he was not getting the follow up that people promised. People wanted to tell their stories but were not finishing the letters, as I understand it.


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