CBO Whistleblower Interviewed Regarding Her Termination For Predicting MERS Fraud and Mortgage Fraud and the Crisis

Whistleblower from the Congressional Budge Office saw the mortgage fraud coming, and wrote a report which the CBO changed.

Interview with Dr. Phan Mortgage Fraud Whistleblower



2 thoughts on “CBO Whistleblower Interviewed Regarding Her Termination For Predicting MERS Fraud and Mortgage Fraud and the Crisis

  1. they wont do this simply because of the national security. The problem with this is you do have the State participating in the fraud with the attorneys. They are given the right to defraud by creation of bogus companies. These loans which were never delivered to the trust , these very same loans were given to the Childrens Fund and pension funds for fire fighters and police . These are Government workers and teachers unions, These homes are being transferred into a new trust many years after the cut off date by the State. They don’t want you to know how they are restructuring these pensions, the tax payers are paying for it.


  2. The main stream media has an aversion to publishing and broadcasting the truth–that the securitization trusts are empty because the notes were not delivered to the Trustees and the mortgages nominated MERS which never held, let alone had a ownership interest in, the note. Dr. Pham has correctly associated the forgery practices, along with perjured affidavits in judicial foreclosure states, to the cover up of the facts that the trusts are empty of any collateral and have no standing to foreclose. Forgery and perjury are crimes and should be prosecuted. The extent of these crimes is so pervasive that one could say that the entire foreclosure process is a racketeering enterprise, with countless currently unidentified participants in the schemes to defraud.
    It might be that the word has gone out to the main stream media that the truth about the criminal conspiracies to foreclose on homeowners is as an issue of national security, because the ethics of the establishment are now so skewed that it cannot discern the difference between criminal conduct and a greedy business plan. The information cannot be “contained,” however, because the foreclosures are ongoing and the forged documents must be continuously created to feed the courts’ need for at least a sliver of false evidence, to support a claim of standing to foreclose . The way to stop the crimes is to have Congress pass a bill and for the White House to sign the bill into law which specifically criminalizes the offense of seizing US real estate through court, statutory or contractual process by any entity which does not own (or lawfully hold with right to enforce) the original mortgage note. That would criminalize false proceedings grounded in either Article 3, Article 8 or Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. That would be a start.


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