GMAC Mortgage Creditors May Need to File Proof of Claim in ResCap Bankruptcy, Says BK Notice

There have been notices sent to homeowners with GMAC mortgages to file Proofs of Claim before the deadline coming up.  I’ll scan and post a redacted one tomorrow because it gives the information for filing deadlines, etc.

Here’s Matt Weidner on the GMAC opposition to the formation of a homeowner’s committee in the ResCap bankruptcy.  Because why would GMAC ever support homeowner rights?  It wouldn’t.  But homeowners should assert their rights anyway.  Consult with your own attorney about whether you should file a Proof of Claim.

Outrageous! GMAC Objects to Borrower’s Bankruptcy Committee

4 thoughts on “GMAC Mortgage Creditors May Need to File Proof of Claim in ResCap Bankruptcy, Says BK Notice

  1. Can you file the proof of claim late? I’ve contacted what seemed like 100 attorneys to help me with the form and none of the. Would help!!! I know it’s past the deadline but now I have to try and fill it out on my own! Do you know if they will except it if its a few days late?


    1. I don’t know? I can’t give legal advice on this giant bk in a different state, much as I would like to help you out. I say, better late than never, maybe there is a grace period, but I don’t know for sure. It is a one-page form that you could probably fill out yourself.


  2. after this modification of my mortagage, my owing GMAC went from 125,000.00 to 139.000,00. Im still in debet for 131,000.00 on my this time! a believe I have over payed in fees that I can’t justifie.


  3. I was sent a letter from Indepent foreclosure review and a letter from RESCAP, I beleave these letter have to do with a foreclosure that took place while I was doing a remodification on my mortagae in 2008-2009.


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