Freddie Mac Sold This Family a House That Had Formerly Been a Meth Lab

Freddie Mac sold my family a former meth lab home full of toxic chemicals, and they’re refusing to accept responsibility.

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Beth –

Freddie Mac sold us a home that used to be a meth lab — and they didn’t tell us.

Within weeks of moving in, my wife, my two year old son, and I all started getting sick — we got terrible mouth sores, nosebleeds, and started to have trouble breathing. It was so hard watching my son scream in pain when he tried to eat or even drink water.

That’s when we learned from a neighbor that our new home used to be a meth lab, and we were being exposed to the drug and the toxic chemicals used to make it.

Freddie Mac won’t take any responsibility for misleading us about the safety of the home they sold us — and they sell thousands of homes to other Americans. I started a petition on asking that Freddie Mac make things right by paying to clean up our house and committing to test the homes they sell for toxic chemicals. Click here to sign my petition.

Freddie Mac advertises: “We sell our homes responsibly,” but they sold us a ticking time bomb of dangerous chemicals.

And we didn’t just get sick: my family has lost thousands of dollars because we’ve had to continue making our mortgage payments in addition to renting a new home and replacing our belongings, which became contaminated from being in the house.

My family is drowning in debt, and we need your help. Please sign my petition asking Freddie Mac to clean up the toxic house they sold us and test their properties for contamination before selling them. Even more than our own woes, we are deeply concerned that this could happen to many other families.

Thank you for your help,



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