Whistleblower Perspective

Inside the mind of a whistleblower, full article here at Huffington Post:

Once I learned more about the bigger picture, I dropped my personal vendetta and began fighting for the people who lost their homes due to false placement of inflated force-placed insurance. I was disgusted to find out how many people my department forced into undue hardship. Even the victims often didn’t realize it was the negative escrow balance created by force-placed insurance that blocked their tax payment, got them rejected for a loan modification, or doubled their mortgage payments. The bank had me convinced I was doing the right thing, but I was only doing the right thing for the bank.

As I followed that path and met with regulators, I became disillusioned in the banking and insurance regulators. They were all too happy to be complacent in the bank’s schemes. I continue my fight because I refuse to live in a country where I can’t trust my government. I will not allow these people to continue opening their pockets to the banks while closing their eyes and ears to the pleas of their constituency.

Although I’ve thought deeply about what I would do if I was ever awarded a whistleblower reward, I understand the odds are against it ever happening. If I cared about the money, I would’ve stayed at the bank and continued helping them commit fraud against you while joining in the employee chant of “I know my company is committing fraud, but I’m not a part of it.”


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