Senator Merkley Blasts the Department of Justice for HSBC Travesty

What is Eric Holder doing?  I mean, seriously?  How many citizens are allowed to pay approximately five weeks salary to walk from multiple felonies (possibly even treason)? Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley blasted U.S. Dep’t of Justice regarding the shameful HSBC settlement for its conduct in laundering over $800 million in illicit narcotics proceeds, and its […]

HSBC Gets Away With It

Read Taibbi’s piece on the HSBC settlement.  Our Justice Department takes money (“partial deferment of executive bonuses” are you kidding me?) from HSBC to look the other way regarding TEN YEARS of laundering drug money.  Apparently, if you are “systemically important,” you can launder money for terrorists and the cartels and pay a fine.  But […]

California Court of Appeals Issues Writ of Mandamus Ordering Lower Court to Disqualify Judge Who Failed to Disclose Ten Years With Countrywide

California Court of Appeal’s Issues Writ of Mandamus Ordering Lower Court to Disqualify Former Countrywide Home Loan Lawyer Turn Judge From Largest Predatory Lending Case According to AUAF California Court Appeal’s issued order to stay all proceedings in Merritt v. Mozilo, et al, 109CV159993, and for Judge James Stoelker to be disqualified from the case […]