Senator Merkley Blasts the Department of Justice for HSBC Travesty

What is Eric Holder doing?  I mean, seriously?  How many citizens are allowed to pay approximately five weeks salary to walk from multiple felonies (possibly even treason)?

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley blasted U.S. Dep’t of Justice regarding the shameful HSBC settlement for its conduct in laundering over $800 million in illicit narcotics proceeds, and its participation in $600 million in transcations that violated U.S. sanctions against Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Burma:

“I am deeply concerned that four years after the financial crisis, the Department appears to have firmly set the precedent that no bank, bank employee, or bank executive can be prosecuted even for serious criminal actions if that bank is a large, systemically important financial institution,” wrote Merkley.  “This ‘too big to jail’ approach to law enforcement, which deeply offends the public’s sense of justice, effectively vitiates the law as written by Congress.  Had Congress wished to declare that violations of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and a number of other illicit financial actions would only constitute civil violations, it could have done so.  It did not.”


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