Dale Whitman Dissects the Lunacy in Arizona Foreclosure Case Law

Words can’t really express how refreshing I am finding Dale Whitman’s analysis.Foreclosing on Nothing (final changes incorporated) Professor Dale Whitman is a scholar in the area of the UCC, promissory notes, and mortgages.  This working paper will be published soon. What does Dale Whitman have to say about Arizona’s decisions regarding non-judicial foreclosure? Well, this […]

Interagency Foreclosure Review

Matt Taibbi on April’s newest Inter-Agency Foreclosure Review outrage:   The obscene greed-and-arrogance stories emanating from Wall Street are piling up so fast, it’s getting hard to keep up. This one is from last week, but I missed it – it’s about the foreclosure/robo-signing settlement that was concluded earlier this year. The upshot of this story is […]

Robo-Litigation From High Volume Foreclosure Firms: Ethical Crisis

Robo-Litigation Dustin A. Zacks King, Nieves & Zacks PLLC March 28, 2013 Cleveland State Law Review, Vol. 60, No. 4, p. 867, 2013  Abstract:  The recent housing crisis increased demand for attorneys to process foreclosures through state courts. This increase in demand was coupled with a desire for the fastest and cheapest legal services available. […]

Senators Warren and Cummings Tell OCC and Fed to Stop Stonewalling Discovery of Documents Connected to Illegal Foreclosure Activity

Letter Challenges Decision to Withhold Documents from Congress on Illegal Foreclosures, Inflated Fees, and Fraudulent Court Filings   Washington, DC (April 10, 2013)—Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, and Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter to […]