Judge Rakoff Struck By How Criminal Investigation of Banks Proceeding in a Different Way Than They Had in the Past (Like Not at All)

NY Times Stern Words for Wall Street’s Watchdogs, From a Judge And what of the recent financial crisis? The statute of limitations on most plausible charges is running out, and it seems there will not be a single prosecution of a prominent figure in the entire mess. Judge Jed S. Rakoff wants to know why. In a […]

Bank of America and Urban Lending Solutions: Match Made in Hell for Homeowners

Urban Lending Solutions did contractor work for Bank of America on modifications.  Earlier, we wrote a series regarding the testimony via affidavits of former ULS employees, who described a toxic policy towards homeowners. This excerpt is from a Bloomberg article by Hugh Son, full piece here: Paperwork Requests Instead of helping homeowners as promised under […]