Sausage Links

  Lots of interesting links before Thanksgiving: The Ferguson Lie — the Grand Jury was Kabuki Theatre at its worst: That the grand jury did not indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was a foregone conclusion.  To those of us who don’t have to look up a study or read a law review article to understand […]

Robo-Signers Substituted by Robo-Witnesses, but Florida Courts Start to Crack Down

“An ongoing criminal enterprise”: Why America’s housing disaster is back and wreaking terror” You should read the entire article in Salon by David Dayen and linked above, but here are some interesting excerpts: When servicers got caught robo-signing, they stopped. But they trained a new set of employees, best described as robo-witnesses. These low-level personnel […]

New RICO-Fraud Class Action Against Ocwen for Abusive Fee Schemes Against Home Loans Serviced By Ocwen

Weiner v. Ocwen Fin. Corp. and Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, No 2:14-cv-02597 (E.D.Cal.), filed Nov. 5, 2014. This new class action against Ocwen addresses the marked-up default services fees that Ocwen is charging homeowners, particularly distressed homeowners, as part of a scheme of self-dealing with companies such as Altisource, and with the involvement of William […]