Home is Where the Fraud Is

Close up of magnifying glass on fraud

David Dayen is a writer who gifted the public with thoughtful, investigative journalism on the foreclosure crisis as it unraveled.  Where most “real estate” journalists stayed firmly perched in the shallows, Dayen waded deeper.  He offered an acidic anodyne to the delusional, tepid cheerleading of the Gannett-type newspaper writers, who wrote trite, flack-approved fluff on loan modifications and low-level scams by so-called “foreclosure rescuers.” The massive ongoing fraud of the systematic theft of ordinary Americans’ homes at the direction of the nation’s largest banks went unnoticed.  No heed was paid to whistleblowers if the emerging story would ruffle a corporate advertiser’s feather, or soil the nest of the corporate media owners.

Dayen noticed the elephant in the room, and turned in more thoughtful pieces, often appearing on blogs such as the excellent Naked Capitalism or Credit Slips.  And Dayen was not alone.  Gretchen Morgenson (New York Times) delivered, as did Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone, several books). And legal experts–consumer lawyers, professors, experts, students–delivered, like Adam Levitin, William K. Black, Katherine Porter, and their ilk (too many to list).  But pickings were slim.

Now Dayen has written a book, Chain of Title, about the robo-signing scandal of fraud, and how three Floridians were at the heart of it.

Check out an excerpt from David Dayen’s new book about three Florida homeowners who uncovered and exposed some of the massive fraud in the foreclosure process.  It’s on Longform (a great site for investigative, long-form articles).

Longform, Home is Where the Fraud Is

See also New York Times Book Review of Chain of Title




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