Wall Street Rot

Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes   I think he underestimates the number of people who knew. Senator Kaufman of Delaware (any corporations formed there?) has this to say about financial reform and securities fraud.  Lehman Report reveals criminality.   Also see this. And for a little levity after all that harshing  of your mellow, the onion talks about […]

Weekend Link Round Up

Taibbi on Rick Santelli v. Janet Tavakoli “What the F_@# does that even mean?” Funny. Fun For All Ages: Find the Fraud in Mortgage Documents State Moratoriums—Anyone? Bueller? Judge Admits “Not His Best Work” on Rubber Stamped Foreclosure Harry Markopolous Interview – National Hero For Exposing The $65 Billion Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme & Author […]