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Our law office is is equipped to handle real estate and contract litigation, foreclosure matters, and bankruptcy adversary proceedings.  We have significant experience in commercial litigation including foreclosure disputes, title disputes, temporary restraining orders, forcible detainer and eviction litigation, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy, and appellate work.   We use a collaborative approach to craft your litigation strategy to best suit your objectives.

Please do not wait until the last minute before seeking help regarding an upcoming trustee’s sale.  We can help you more effectively if we have lead time of at least 30 days.

Our objective is to find an affordable way to utilize our knowledge of the law to represent you at this stressful time in your life.

If your goal is to save your home, we work to find a solution geared to enable you to save your home, if possible. We are able to analyze your loan and your situation to legitimately plan a defense strategy. This is generally true whether you are consistently making your payments, struggling to make your mortgage payments, or have become unable to pay.

You must act fast to protect your rights, or it can be too late, even before you realize it.

Many people needing help with this situation simply do nothing because they think they can’t afford help, and often the lenders and servicers encourage you to think they are “working with you” and that everything will be all right, but while they are talking to you, in most cases the foreclosure action is moving ahead.

Once a notice of sale is received, it is important to seek help immediately. Once the case is over, you may lose your ability to defend yourself and even to negotiate.

For more information, please email a brief summary of your situation to info@findsenlaw.com.  We are accepting new clients again.  We will do one-hour consults by appointment.

21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have lost my home already, just now I learned about you, I had lived in my home 9 years, did get behind like 3 months, contacted the bank constantly and was referred to a counseling agency, pre approved for making home affordable, but never recived a package for review, they went ahead with the process, gave two weeks to leave and that is that.
    Never recieved the application. I have a job and my husband as well but my situation was not review.

    I don’t know but I am out of the house now.

  2. I dunno if you ever get notes like mine – hopefully not.

    I have what can best be described as an over-developed sense of justice and a burning desire to make these bastards at the TBTF banks pay for their crimes. I am also unemployed, despite 20 years of experience and a sparkling resume.


    With that as background, I want to know if you need help.; any kind of help doing anything to bring these banks to their knees. I’m not a trained paralegal, but I am very smart, know how to research, learn very, very quickly and – as I said – have a burning desire to see these criminal bankers brought to justice.

    I would hate to think that there are homeowners out there needing your help who will not get it because you are too busy. Let’s talk.

  3. Dear Ms. Findsen,

    I have been reading your articles for some time now, and I enjoy them immensely!

    Today you had a piece up about Matt Taibbi’s upcoming BoA article. But underneath the piece, there was a Google Adsense ad for Bank of America!!

    You may want to block them from your Adsense account. I can send you a screenshot if you send me an email.

    Jessica LaRock

  4. Ms. Findsen,
    Please accept my case of illegal foreclosure.
    All research includes, a trustee sale that was never held, certied coipies of recorded documents, illegal eviction, conversion of real property, legal negligence of 3 attorneys licensed in AZ., (libel in many other instances to other homeowners), fraud upon the courts, need a quiet title, have a complaint drafted, including case law from Neils website.
    My case will disclose the connection of a monopolized foreclosure scheme through Countrywide, Fidelity and 3rd parties in PHX area.
    Case is also RICO and can be proven by signature acknowledgements in my files that are in binder formatt.
    The trustee does not qualify by ARS 301 et seq and the true identity of trustee is/has been discovered by research and phone calls to Orange Co. CA., Henderson, NV. and PHX.
    This is a large discovery and the case is would most certainly be resolved without going to court, as it is my intension to alert the media and regulatory agencies upon filing case in court.
    Thank you.
    Vickie Vaughn
    at Dillards 520-421-1141 x 5660

  5. I am “underwater” on my house. We have attempted modifications only to be told we made too much or we made too little income. My brother and his family are now staying with us and paying rent but GMAC would not accept their payment. That’s the easy part.

    The foreclosing trustee is Beirman, Geesing, Ward & Wood whose firm was caught “robo-signing”. There is a class action suit pending certification against them.

    In preparation for mediation, we were sent someone else’s documents which we brought to the attention of the mediator and GMAC. they ignored it.

    We paid over $40,000 in payments that they don’t seem to be able to account for and we’ve asked for an accounting. GMAC has been dismissive of our inquiries.

    They told us that they requested an interior BPO but we denied entrance. That is not true. We have allowed 2 other interior BPO’s so we of course do not have a problem with a third.

    We had a contract on the house but it was denied by GMAC. At this point I just am frustrated.

  6. Dear Beth

    How would this impact a foreclosure that is out of the state but the Assignment of deed of Trust was created in Arizona by a robo signer who then transferred or sent to a county recorder in California who then recorded the fraudulent document into the public record?

    Would the bill require that the party who did the Assignment of Deed of Trust in Arizona to now provide a complete chain of custody and comply with the new bill in Arizona?

    We have a couple of loans where the party signing the executing the assignment of deed of trust are in Arizona. The Notary was also in Arizona. What can a party outside of Arizona expect from the new law when the party commencing with the fraudulent assignment and the notarization of the document was originated in Arizona.

    I would be very interested in this application for people in California who have parties in Arizona involved in the fraudulent production of documents.

    I look forward to your response.


    Thomas Ford

  7. Please subscribe me. I will most likely need your services in the near future. In what state are you located? Thank you. Amy Sheaffer

  8. Heads up for bankruptcy attorneys–OneWest and likely other banksters are not complying with the new bk rules, esp. filing the new form 10 that requires signing under penalty of perjury and requiring identifying the bank as only servicer or lender or trustee. The penalties are stringent, including the court sanctioning by rejecting the lentire proof of claim.

  9. Hi ~ I am wondering who (if anyone) is actually taking their “foreclosure abuse” cases to court? We believe we were wrongly foreclosed upon in 2010 by GMAC. We short-saled our home (under duress) and haven’t the money to hire a legal team. Is there any legal entity who is willing to actually go after the big mortgage companies on behalf of those who lost so much, and get paid only if the case is won? I’m very disheartened to read of the deception evidently involved with the Independent Foreclosure Reviews, and now I read that the millions of dollars sent directly to our State Attorney General will never actually go to those who lost their homes. When does this end? Evidently, the fact that I cannot even get a much needed car loan, due to the foreclosure, doesn’t matter…BIG GOVERNMENT wins again….

  10. Here is a question: In with the last year, I did a short sale. My loan was with BofA. My agent and myself did all the paper work for the “HAFA” program. It was a mess. Our paperwork was lost several times, different case workers werte assigned, and the refused an offer that was in with $2,000 dollars of what they finally settled on when I got out of the program. One of the case workers had the nerve to tell me I should fire my agent. I swear it was rigged from the start, and that I had a suit. I believe my agent still has all of the paper work. Have other people run into the same crap?
    Thanks John Heaton, Modesto Ca

  11. Consumer Rights Defenders, a founding member of the Garfield Foreclosure Defense Network Nationwide and firm of attorneys and legal experts recommends the following to Beth and all readers. We are here to help counsel and in pro ses nationwide at 818.453.3585.

    Now read this published by our legal team in our January 2013 circular:
    Consumer Rights Defenders recommends this strategy to our pro se’s battling away. In fact, our attorneys use this strategy in their represented actions……call us for assistance at 818.453.3585 ask for Steve or Sara:


    Strategy No. 1
    Don’t attach a 50+ page audit report as Exhibit A to your complaint. Incorporate the litigation strategy portion of
    a Securitization or Loan Analysis Report in the complaint instead.

    Strategy No. 2
    Always operate with the intent to follow the money trail to identify the true funding source of the transaction. 99% of the time the “lender” provided zero consideration to the transaction. This opens the door to factually supporting allegations of misrepresentation, material omissions, fraud and deceptive trade practices.

    Strategy No 3.
    Stop the unlawful foreclosure by TRO:
    MERS has no authority approach. If you are going to address MERS address it from the registered trademark angle as a deceptive trade practice act the way your audit identifies it in their.

    Strategy No 4.
    Always assume the action will be moved to federal for diversity so you better be registered to practice and have a good working knowledge of FRCP.

    Strategy No 5.
    Raise causes of actions that can be overwhelmingly supported by facts as if every court was a fraud count and pled with extreme specificity. In theory, your complaint should be drafted with surviving a motion to dismiss in mind and not an amendment.

    Strategy No 6.
    Consider only the causes of actions that are supported by the facts. We can help here. We have used: Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Illegal Consumer Collections (FDCPA and FCCPA), et al. with many more. Call us for assistance.

    Strategy No 7.
    Identify your damages. This should include your down payment, monthly payments from the inception of the loan to the present, damage to your clients credit report and score by reporting delinquency even though payments were still being made by the servicer. This is a tricky area and we at CRD can assist in your computations if you like.

    Consumer Rights Defenders, Inc., serving the consumer and legal community. 818.453.3585.

  12. my husband and I are in need of a good attorney in our area Lockport Illinois..we have a BOA loan and have bee in the process of a loanmodification for over 1 yr…always telling us that the need more info, or that they have changed managers..i have gone through 3 so far with no results..We need help…

  13. Pingback: Homeowner Win in Arizona Court of Appeals in Stauffer v First American Title Relating to ARS 33-420 and False Recordings in Foreclosure - PI Financial Consulting, LLC

    Kindly consider my case: I have a fully funded reverse mortgage that was defrauded into a conventional – since the year of July 2006- BANK OF AMERICA HAS REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY REVERSE ALTHOUGH THEY HAD ALREADY PAID INTO IT SINCE THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2006 TO MAY 2008…. there is so much: even though I have a reverse today the situation is so that the Judge has reversed all the dispositions …I would prefer to continue talking to you on the phone…It is so upsetting, so scary so unbelievable unfair, so unjust, so outrageous…that it can only be explained over the phone – I will call you…- I NEED YOU…I REALLY REALLY NEED YOU Ms. Findsen – I know you will help me and you will find my situation so so outrageous that you will want to step in !
    Patricia W

    • Hi Patricia,
      You can call my office tomorrow at 480-584-6664 if you want to set up a time to talk.
      Take care,

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  16. If what I understand is true, I find it absolutely appalling and reprehensible that the State of Colorado will get all the funds from these lawsuits and NOTHING will go to the people who had their homes taken away from them illegally. The state is benefiting from its own constituents heartbreak?? That goes beyond low. And then to come out and say “look at what we’ve done, we got those bad guys.” Yeah, and at the cost of people’s homes!

  17. Jamestown condo owners facing forced sale foreclosure. Investors siting Arizona Revised Statues 33-1228, they own 80% of the complex. I don’t want to leave. Not behind on payments, been there 5 years. They are offering 75,000.00 buyout, i owe 79,800.00
    Thx for reading 623-216-1080

    • I have a great referral for condominium law if you want it. It’s not my specialty but that doesn’t sound right. Is that the FMV? Because the statute makes it seem as though you are entitled to that, at the least. Has there been an appraisal? Again, I hear you saying you don’t want to move though. Do the CC&R’s say anything different about terminating the condominium? And are they objectively “reasonable?” This isn’t my area but I can give you a couple of referrals if you like. Good luck! Beth

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