Solid Cases in June, July 2011

Take heart, people!  There have been some great, thoughtful decisions coming out in May/June 2011, even in Arizona, California, and Oregon.  No, I’m serious, y’all.  Here’s a little compendium of some greatest hits: Veal-10-1055 56294575-Hooker-v-B-of-A 2011 06 06 Hendricks v U S Bank – Michigan Wells Fargo as Trustee v Ballestas TX 1st Ct App. […]

Allonges and the F Word

Do We Have a Fraud Problem?  The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Allonge by Adam Levitin, excerpt: I have generally been willing to give mortgage servicers, servicer support shops (like LPS), and foreclosure attorneys the benefit of the doubt when it comes to documentation irregularities (to put it mildly) in foreclosures. My working assumption up […]

Nothing-Backed Securities

FORTUNE — Are Countrywide mortgage-backed securities really mortgage-backed? Do banks even have the legal right to foreclose on certain homes? These are just a few of the questions raised since the foreclosure crisis revealed shoddy mortgage servicing practices at many of the big banks – practices that have led to countless investigations and lawsuits. Court […]