Ritzholtz on Media (Mis)Treatment of SEC v Goldman

Here’s an interview of Ritzholtz on the crap level of the entirety of media commentary surrounding the SEC and Goldman case– “Last week Barry Ritholtz had an excellent post 10 Things You Don’t Know (or were misinformed) About the GS Case in which Barry noted that 99% of the mainstream media commentary regarding the strength of […]

Criminal Charges

It does seem like more people are waking to the very real possibility of criminal charges (and I’m not talking about the diabolical PR campaign to blame the homeowners and modification shops for “fraud” –a drop in the bucket to the major accounting control fraud propogated by our “esteemed” financial institutions), what with the WaMu/Long […]

Goldman Hearings: “I Wouldn’t Trust You.”

Seriously, my ears are bleeding from listening to these hearings all day.  I was working at the same time, I swear.  I’m going to have nightmares about “shitty deals” and lemonade.  NY Times Live Blog here.  Gawker has tips for surviving a grilling Blankfein style (expressive!) Jon Stewart’s take on the political theater is here. […]

Supreme Court Decision in Jerman v Carlisle, et al. Strikes a Win for Consumers

This week, the Supreme Court issued an opinion on whether the “bona fide error” defense applies to a mistake of law by the debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.   Among other things, the Act prohibits debt collectors from making false representations as to a debt’s character, amount, or legalstatus, §1692e(2)(A); communicating with consumers […]

Northeastern University Law Journal Covers Advocacy in Mortgage Crisis Fallout

  The entire spring 2010 issue is about legal advocacy in the mortgage crisis: Northeastern University Law Journal The Northeastern University Law Journal On March 20, 2009, the Northeastern University Law Journal hosted a symposium titled Shelter from the Storm: Advocacy in the Subprime Fallout. The February 2010 publication features papers authored by the Symposium speakers […]

Bill Moyers

Bill is retiring the Journal.  Only one more show to go.  Here’s another quality piece on financial reform, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, and featuring Bill Black.  William K. Black William Black’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee Testimony before the House Financial Services Committee hearing on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. You can watch the […]

Goldman Emails

I’m sick of Goldman but I can’t stop posting about it because I find it incredible that it took so long for anything to happen to GS.  So I’ll link to Florida lawyer Matthew Weidner’s post with links to Goldman emails . And also there was this New York Times piece with a link to the […]