Even More on Nevada Attorney General Masto vs. BoA

This is a good article regarding the Nevada AG’s lawsuit against Bank of America, specifically relating to the amended complaint that we posted yesterday: Allow me to highlight the deceptive practices in question.  This is going to be a somewhat long excerpt because I want to add as much detail as possible: In her filing, Ms. […]

More on Nevada v BoA

Nevada Wallops Bank of America With Sweeping Suit; Nationwide Foreclosure Settlement in Peril   This argument sounds familar: In its new claims, Nevada also charges that Countrywide bungled the process of bundling loans into securities by not properly documenting the transfer of assets. Despite the lack of documentation, Bank of America has fraudulently pursued foreclosure on […]

Arizona and Nevada Attorneys General at Work

Here’s the amicus brief (AZ AG Amicus Vasquez )filed by the AZ AG in Vasquez, the certified questions sent up to the Arizona Supreme Court, to be heard on September 22nd. And the State of Nevada’s Second Amended Complaint against BoA for Countrywide’s deceptive servicing practices, origination, underwriting, securitization, really for their deceptive everything.Nevada-vs-Bank-of-America-2nd-Amended-Complaint Reduced

New York AG Schneiderman Kicked Off 50-State Panel for Requiring Investigation

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about AG Schneiderman’s opposition to letting the banks walk away nearly scot-free from their liability in the largest economic collapse in US history.  Your state, Arizona, is number three in the nation of states with the highest foreclosure rates.  Without an  investigation either criminal or civil, the liable parties (banks)  will continue […]

Ex SEC Attorney Blows Whistle on Wall Street Crime Cover-Up

Matt Taibbi has a new article in Rolling Stone detailing the claims of an ex-SEC lawyer who is now blowing the whistle.  Full article here.  Excerpt: As a federally protected whistle-blower, Flynn is not permitted to speak to the press. But in evidence he presented to the SEC’s inspector general and three congressional committees earlier […]

Nevada Attorney General Does Not Like Bank Settlement on Mortgage Practice Investigation

Nevada joins the fray.  This from Matt Stoller: The Nevada AG is the latest to express hesitation on the 50 state mortgage investigation.  The article is below. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-15/nevada-joins-states-balking-at-bank-releases-in-foreclosure-practices-deal.html   Also, for those who didn’t catch it, an influential board member of the New York Fed knocked New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for going after […]

The Truth About Fannie

The Detroit Free Press is doing a three part series on the difference between what Fannie Mae says, and what Fannie Mae does.  The full article is here, and Professor White’s commentary is here. Alan White, a law professor at Valparaiso University and a leading national expert on the foreclosure crisis, reviewed the records for […]