Principal Reductions Work for Homeowners and Investors. HAMP-Style Temporary Mods Work for Servicers.

This is in the “Dog Bites Man” category for those who have been paying attention since 2009.  Full article here at Firedoglake. But as Amherst Securities Group showed in a new set of research, what we know from that sample size is that principal reductions perform quite well. Reducing the amount struggling homeowners owe on their mortgages […]

Oregon Supreme Court in Niday Case

Here’s an excerpt of a great summary of the Niday case, from HouseKeeping Report.  Go to the site and read the whole thing; it is worth your time: Niday Gets Interesting Up to this point, the opinion is little more than a recap of Brandrup. The court makes simple work of showing that MERS is […]